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Pamela Quinn has served her profession as President of Celebrate LIFE, Inc. for 15 years.  In this role she has developed concepts and strategies to inspire cohesiveness among professional peers, vertical and horizontal team relationships, and community leaders.  The foundation of this cohesiveness lies in the “legacy” impact of action, leadership and communication.   In pursuit of expanding the footprint of the legacy leading concept beyond healthcare, Pamela established Lead Your Legacy in 2016 to guide others to embrace their role as a leader and pursue the legacy they are intended to lead.   Pamela is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, utilizing John Maxwell’s extensive resources to enhance her toolbox and secure the best training opportunities for clients. 

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Offering A Distinctive Asset Development Experience

The greatest asset of every organization lies in the people – the living foundation of production, service and vision.  Diverse life experiences have given Pamela Quinn the opportunity to relate personally to participants, build trust, and secure the opportunity for influence.  Through this relational connection and mutual transparency, the personal growth experience is heightened and the results permeate future performance and commitment for individuals and teams alike.  

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